Here are just some of the nice things are patients have said about us:

"It is a complete change to be in the hands of professionals; so there is never a worry about pain and my teeth look and feel wonderful."

JT (age 57)

"No matter what the problem - always caring and accommodating and extremely professional."

AD (age 63)

"Excellent, clinical and modern."

EG (age 87)

"The service and quality of care I've received from Beech Cottage has been second to none. I always feel I'm getting the best care in modern, safe surroundings. And the magazines in the waiting room are up to date!"

JW (age 33)

"I'm glad to have you as my dentist."

BR (age 53)

"Thanks for doing a fantastic job."

MW (age 31)

"Gentle, professional and very kind. What can I say? She's lovely! They all are!"

AS (age 74)

"I'm amazed by the technology used in dentistry nowadays! I'm very happy with the care I receive from Steph and the team."

ID (age 55)


DLR (age 58)

"The best dentist around town!"

SM (age 21)

(Originals available for inspection)